ABA King and Acute Behavioural Angst

Parenting during ABA Therapy


In Autism land, parents eventually follow the path to the fated ABA or Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy. It’s great. It works. However, Acute Behavioural Angst is the side effect that parents generally suffer.

Acute Behavioural Angst is a condition of extreme stress invoked by parenting an Autism child during his ABA therapy. It starts with tension in the shoulders and neck, progressing to exhaustion and migraines. Treatment involves deep breathing exercises and long walks alone; though locking yourself in the bathroom with your iPad for half an hour is also beneficial. Don’t worry! This condition is temporary and disappears after the ABA adjustment period ends.

Honestly, once the little Autism monster, I mean master, settles into the ABA routine, the fog of Acute Behavioural Angst mysteriously dissipates into the atmosphere. As an added benefit, your child might actually benefit from both the ABA and your sudden cure. Ironically, he might mistakenly see humour in your period of distress as well, but that’s why you’re doing the ABA in the first place. So it’s a win-win really.

As you progress through the ABA ritual, here’s an anthem to cheer you up while in the throes of Acute Behavioural Angst. Sing to ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

ABA King

He can spin, he can scream, having the time of his life
See that boy, what a scene, he’s the ABA king

Friday night and the rewards are low
Looking out for a chance to show
How they play the social cues, getting out the charts
You hope to look for a sign
Any day could earn that coin
Night is young and the tension’s high
With a bit of prompting, everything is fine
You’re in the mood for a drink
And someday you’ll get the chance…

He’s the ABA King, young and sweet, only Autistic
ABA King, feel the beat from the big meltdown
He can spin, he can scream, having the time of his life
See that boy, what a scene, he’s the ABA king


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