Mother’s Day means I Spawned

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful women who bravely spawned, especially the Autism Moms. Unlike salmon, we just couldn’t roll over and die after depositing our offspring on this Earth. Nope, we’ve had to learn, adapt and fight for our tadpoles. Therefore, here’s my salute to some special people that make this day special to me.

To my mother, I love you! My mom, or her alter-ego Grandma, is the most loving, patient and kind female on the planet. She’s in many ways a better person than I am. Without her love and support, I don’t know if I would have survived all these years of diagnoses, therapies, and fraying tempers. She has been a psychologist, maid, babysitter, and crisis intervention worker. It is due to her dedication to the survival of her DNA that my children are still alive today. Bravo Grandma!

To my children, I love you! You are the little spawn that spawned this whole Mother’s Day celebration for me. It’s been an exuberant, exhausting, ecstatic, excellent ride. Though you may at times be little demons, I could not live without my kids. You are the reason I wake up, drag myself to work, and basically keep on keeping on. My world would be nothing without you in it. You are the air that fills my lungs and the gravity that keeps me grounded. I live each day for you. Forgive my flops as I flounder and focus on my triumphs. I am only human and the only human who loves you without conditions; well except your father and grandparents, but this is my day.

To all Autism Moms, you are an inspiration. You are a nurturer, lover, therapist, employee, employer, homemaker, cook, maid, child care advocate, educational consultant, appointment project manager, and human being. It takes courage to tackle all that you do. Keep on fighting the current with grace and dignity.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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