Septoplasty for a Deviant Septum

Surgery to fix a deviated septum.


I’ve been off-blog for a few months. First, we had our regular rounds of winter colds, depressions and hibernations. Also, I was very, very patiently dreading…er…waiting for my Septoplasty. Yes, I had a naughty septum whose deviant path resulted in surgery.

Having a rather European nose, I was hoping to slip in some rhinoplasty as well. Why not make it perfect, right? Well, turns out in this age of modern ethics and accountability, boo to the auditors, you just can’t slip rhino in with septo. Therefore, I will breath freely with my nose as European as ever.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any wild tales from the late 80s or 90s to blame for my crooked nostril. Most likely, I was born that way. Fixing my septum should result in better breathing, and I’m hoping to see an improvement in my asthma and allergy-sinus symptoms. Still, there are no guarantees this will help.

Since my schnozzle is on the straight path again, I hope to get back to more blogging soon. Until then, I shall persevere in healing my snout. Sniff-sniff!


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